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YoungHyouk Kim

Head of Management Strategy Division, Korea Seven

YoungHyouk Kim joined LOTTE Department Store in 1999 and accumulated experience and expertise in retail business. He moved to LOTTE HQ Audit Office in 2006, working on the overall businesses of the Group, business process improvement and future strategy. Through the experience as planning team leader of Korea Seven in 2017, he is now the head of the management strategy department. Through the Digital Transformation for the new and enjoyable customer experience from the smart store, '7-Eleven Signature', smart vending machine convenience store, '7-Eleven Express’ and AI Cashier robot, 'Veny', he serves as an Innovator for convenience store business.

June 19 10:00-10:50 AM

Creating new customer experiences by digital innovation

Kartick Narayan

Chief Business Officer, TIKI

Kartick Narayan is currently the Chief Business Officer at, which is among the top 10 most trafficked eCommerce websites in South East Asia. In his role, Kartick leads the retail, marketplace, and marketing functions and is responsible for the full company P&L. Kartick was the Vice President of Growth & Computational Marketing at for last 2 years. He led company-wide growth initiatives including operations, data science/analytics, and engineering. From 2011 to 2016, Kartick held a variety of key leadership positions at, and from 2006 to 2011, he was the finance lead of the Amazon Media Group(AMG), in which he is one of the founding members.

June 21 10:00-10:50 AM

After stories : Products that saw unexpected success in Vietnam

Simon Clarkson

Managing Director, ChannelAdvisor Australia

Simon Clarkson is the Managing Director for ChannelAdvisor in the APAC region, where he leads the company’s regional strategy and direction for growth. He is responsible for generating new business and extending client relationships across the e-commerce industry and across international markets. Simon brings a wealth of e-commerce experience to ChannelAdvisor from a number of roles, including General Manager of Sales & Go To Market for ReachLocal ANZ, VP of Global Channel Sales for bMobilized Inc and Director of Channel Sales at Bigcommerce.

June 21 10:00-10:50 AM

Cross Border Trade in a Changing Retail Landscape

Jay Seo

Vice President & Head of Corporate Strategy, Lazada Singapore

Jay Seo, the vice president and the head of corporate strategy, is leading the business strategy and product in Lazada group of Alibaba. Based on his work experience in eCommerce between Korea and Indonesia in SK group, he is managing innovative services in Lazada, the largest eCommerce platform in South East Asia, and is interested in competitive Korean products' entries to South East Asian market.

June 21 15:30-16:20 PM

Firing up growth of "Super eBusinesses" in South East Asia

Ryohei Kojima

Marketing Director, SHOPLIST

Ryohei Kojima joined CROOZ in 2003. He was engaged in building games, blog media, and advertising businesses. Listed on JASDAQ in 2007, CROOZ started an e-commerce business and launched the fast fashion e-commece "" in 2012. As CROOZ became the holding company in 2018, Ryohei Kojima was appointed as the director of marketing management for CROOZ SHOPLIST. While closely working with Japanese fashion brands, SHOPLIST also works with other Asian and European brands wanting to expand their businesses in Japanese market.

June 19 14:30-15:20 PM

The winning formula of a shopping app in Japan

Hiroaki Sakata

Marketing Specialist, Mercari

After working in Nagano Bank, Hiroaki Sakata worked in over 200 industries as an executive of a web consulting company in his 20s. He then engaged in online marketing at DeNA. Transferred to KDDI for business transfer, he experienced comprehensive marketing including offline, and now he is leading Mercari's growth with its marketing team.

June 19 15:30-16:20 PM

Flea market expansion and its prospects in Japan

Sarah Luo

Director of Business Development, WISH

Sarah Luo has been with WISH since 2013 and has supported global business development efforts for WISH from the Chinese market to the US and European domestic markets. For the past 6 years with WISH, she has helped small sellers become large enterprise sellers and has helped large brands and companies succeed on WISH. As WISH continues to expand globally, she hopes to help Korean sellers become an even bigger part of international e-commerce.

June 21 14:30-15:20 PM

Integrating unexpected joy to the experience of shopping

Sylvia Hur


Sylvia Hur, Chief Marketing & Learning Officer of LBI Korea, manages the marketing strategies of LBI Korea. Her major training area is Luxury branding, and she has been providing profound insights on luxury retail and marketing. She is currently designing various global talent programs, such as strategy and management of luxury branding, Luxury Retail Operation Process, worldwidely. She has won Fredric M. Jablin Dissertation Award in 2010.

June 20 13:30-14:20 PM

The evolution of luxury retailing in the digital era

Joseph Yuen

Chairman, Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce (HKFEC)

Joseph Yuen is the chairman of Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce (HKFEC). He has an intensive experience in cross-border e-commerce from his role as a managing director of China Post Trade Development Company Limited, an agency of China Post in Hong Kong. Prior to his work with China Post, Joseph Yuen was the founder and CEO of Digital Outdoor Television Limited in 2006, which was the first to bring high definition television program and advertisement in HK. As he had worked as the general manager of marketing of New World Telecom, he has accumulated a rich management and marketing experience from local and regional telecommunication industry. Joseph Yuen is currently the Hong Kong Region Advisor for Guangdong Province Electronics Commerce Association(GDECA), the Board of Advice from the Ecommerce Foundation associated with Ecommerce European, the Advisor for Russian Association of Internet Trade Companies(AITC), and the Founder of Belt & Road E-Commerce Strategic Alliance.

June 19 10:00-10:50 AM

The trend of New Retail and digital economy

Yuma Kusakabe

Account Planning Manager, Septeni

Yuma Kusakabe joined Septeni in 2013 as an account planner with a focus on PC and mobile ad campaigns for large scale clients. Through his rapid growth, he awarded the MVP in his sales division which was attributed to hitting the gross profit record at that time, and he was also nominated for a company-wide MVP sales award. In 2018, he launched his own team centered on servicing lifestyle apps which have successfully managed several large-scale accounts for renowned domestic and globally recognized clients which include Shoplist.

June 19 14:30-15:20 PM

The winning formula of a shopping app in Japan

Yuna Kwon

Head of Korea Cross Border, Shopee Korea

Yuna Kwon is the Head of Cross Border at Shopee Korea. She has spent 5 years at top management consulting firm (Boston Consulting Group, Seoul Office, Melbourne/Sydney Office), and has living and working experiences across Korea, U.S., Australia, Singapore. She has earned MBA from INSEAD, bachelor's degree from Korea University.

June 21 11:00-11:50 AM

Strategies for expansion to Southeast Asia : Korean brands' leveraging strengths and overcoming challenges

Daniel Lee

CEO, Insider

Daniel Lee took a succession of works at IBM, Adobe, Oracle, etc and now as the CEO of Insider, he is overseeing the business between Korea and China. With 15 years of work experience at the field of digital marketing, engineering, consulting, sales and management, he now provides megabrands and companies digital marketing solution and consulting service widely across Asia.

June 20 10:00-10:50 AM

Case study : Hyper-personalization based on customer's behavior

BongKyo Lee

General Manager, SYS4U I&C Inc

BongKyo Lee is a General manager of GROOBEE division at SYS4U I&C Inc. In July 2016, for the first time in South Korea, Bongkyo Lee has been involved in the planning of general service and business process of onsite marketing solution GROOBEE. While doing the business, he endeavors to do the research and development of GROOBEE service to provide innovative value of marketing to the eCommerce companies.

June 20 14:30-15:20 PM

Construct your personalization strategies for shopping through On-site!

IlSup Hwang

Group Leader of EC Platform Business Team, Cafe24

IlSup Hwang is the Group Leader of EC Platform Business Team in Cafe24. Along with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, he is overseeing the overall businesses for revitalizing the eCommerce ecosystem through the Hyper-Connection between Cafe24 platform and eCommerce related industries. Also, he is performing some projects for eCommerce fields connection such as API interlock, developer center, and app store.

June 20 13:30-14:20 PM

'Hyper-connection' strategy for completing the global eCommerce ecosystem

YoungSin Ahn

CEO, Global Seller Lab

YoungSin Ahn, the CEO of Global Seller Lab, has constantly researched and practiced cross-border eCommerce business by starting global selling since 2008. He started this education business for widely introducing global seller to more people. He provides global sellers lots of services such as education, solution, platform, logistics, marketing, to produce successful sales. Global Seller Lab is the first to cultivate, test and share new market to everyone, and by doing so, it is working to raise the awareness of global selling in Korea.

June 21 13:30-14:20 PM

Endless journey to find the "best channel" to distribute Korean beauty brands

Eyal Victor Mamou

Founder & CEO, KOISRA

Eyal Victor Mamou is a lawyer who has lived and worked in South Korea since he founded KOISRA in 2009. He serves as a legal and business consultant to international companies and foreign government agencies helping them to understand and penetrate the Korean and Israeli markets. He also serves as Public Board Member at the Israeli Export Institute. In addition, Eyal is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of KOISRA Seed Partners, the first Korean-Israeli tech startups accelerator supporting Korean startups to enter the global market.

June 21 15:30-16:20 PM

Why multinational corporations come shopping for technology in ISRAEL

Peter Wu

Korea Representative,

Peter Wu has been directing the overall business in China for a long time. He is now the CEO of Korea office, and he worked as an executive director at Netease Korea and a representative director of Todaytec Korea. Peter Wu also accomplished his performance at Newretail, ARA Consulting, Tasly Group and GJ Consulting as the chief delegate and consultant.

June 19 13:30-14:20 PM

Defining the "Suning Way" in the rapidly changing retail scene

Ellie Jeong

Digital Performance Analyst, IKEA Korea

Ellie Jeong is overseeing the overall eCommerce performance analysis in IKEA Korea. As a certified professional at Adobe Analytics and as a digital analysis consultant, she has a comprehensive performing experience on digital marketing, such as behavioral targeting, UI/UX test, online advertising optimization, etc. After launching IKEA Korea official online mall, she is currently successfully executing on a variety of projects such as website improvement and contents personalization.

June 20 10:00-10:50 AM

Case study : Hyper-personalization based on customer's behavior

HL Choi

Head of Sales & Partnership, WorldFirst

HL Choi, the head of sales and partnership in WorldFirst Korea, is leading the business of WorldFirst Korea. He has led the bank wallet service in SK Telecom and SK Planet, and carried out the commerce business for overseas expansion. Based on his immense amount of experience and capability, he is now concentrating on expanding WorldFirst's business into new markets and creating an ecosystem in commerce business.

June 20 14:30-15:20 PM

New markets and opportunities made by cross-border financial service

Jason Song

Head of Business Development, Amazon Korea

After working as MD and product marketer for 8 years in Korean major companies and foreign cosmetic companies, Jason Song has joined Amazon global selling and is directing Business Development team since 2016. He is managing the development and operation of cooperative model between Amazon global selling and other external organizations such as local government organs, associations, and external service providers. By doing so, he is helping the sellers who hope to export overseas through Amazon marketplace.

June 20 11:00-11:50 AM

FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon) : the expansion strategy for cross-border eCommerce

MinChul Kim

Group Leader of Retail Business in Logistics Business, Samsung SDS

MinChul Kim is the group leader of Retail Business in Logistics Business unit in Samgsung SDS. He is overseeing the development of logistics service business and the consultation of SCM and logistics. He is also the supervisor in analysis/design/implementation of logistics system, the consultant of Cello, and the expert in automatic identification technology such as RFID and IoT.

June 19 13:30-14:20 PM

Smart logistics service, the core of retail innovation

Jessica Song

CEO of Accommate Holdings Co, Ltd, Hongkong, NHN Accommate Holdings

Jessica Song, the CEO of NHN Accommate Holdings, heads up the overall eCommerce and distribution company in Great China. She mainly oversees the expansion of online platform and online marketing in Great China. There, she is doing the advertisement marketing at not only Korean megabrands, but also US, Australian, and Japanese brands. She is also directing the sales marketing at the online platform.

June 20 10:00-10:50 AM

Methodology on entering Chinese cross-border eCommerce market

Justin Jun

Founder & CEO, AIONCO Korea

Justin Jun is the founder of AIONCO Korea, which has more than 300 buyers in 40 different countries. AFS MALL, a global beauty e-wholesale platform operated by AIONCO, offers beauty curation service for B2B members based on bigdata. AIONCO's main business partners are cross border e-commerce retail companies such as Tmall, Suning, the Red(小红书) etc. Justin has been in charge of many projects in China, Japan and South-east Asia with more than 200 beauty brands since 2010.

June 19 11:00-11:50 AM

What is being sold & delivered in China in 2019?

Hide Cho

Director of Sales Korea, Remerge

Based on his life experiences in US, Japan, and Korea, as well as expreiences in cross-border marketing in global digital marketing agency, Hide Cho is now supporting Remerge's business in Korea and Japan, which is a global app retargeting platform headquartered in Berlin. He is going to introduce stories of Japanese commerce companies at K SHOP as a moderator of two sessions.

MyungWoo Lee


MyungWoo Lee, the founder and CEO of EMKA, is directing the overall planning and operation of business. He has led the development of a service called "MAKEVU", which helps target marketing by making mobile contents. While attracting 200 and more local fashion, beauty, and food companies as clients, he has built up comprehensive experience including sales, consulting, and management.

June 20 15:30-16:20 PM

Target marketing for fashion and beauty brands through mobile contents

HyungSul Kim

Chief Technology Officer, Mesh Korea

HyungSul Kim, the co-founder of Mesh Korea, is the Chief Technology Officer in Logistics Platform Technology field at Mesh Korea. After earning a doctorate in data mining from UIUC, He formed core technology of logistics optimization based on various studies, and finally commercialized with "VROONG TMS" solution.

June 20 15:30-16:20 PM

Technology guide for sustainable downtown logistics

Brian Kim

Director, IAM21

Brian Kim has been exploring Southeast Asia’s eCommerce platforms, which are not well known in Korea since 2016, and is focusing on introducing them to small and medium-sized enterprises in Korea. Working with marketplaces in India, Middle East and South America, he is committed to helping Korean SMEs successfully expand their businesses overseas through eCommerce. He has also spent more than 10 years in the planning, implementing and developing retail and logistics businesses for Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, GS1 Korea, etc.

June 21 14:30-15:20 PM

Why do global eCommerce platforms focus on the Indonesian market?

Jeo Kim

Business Development Korea & Seoul Team Lead, Paymentwall

Jeo Kim is the leader of Business Development Korea & Seoul Team of Paymentwall, which is the leading global Payment Solutions Provider with a Headquarter in San Francisco and offices all around the world. She leads a team of experienced payment professions to drive market strategy and development for global Payment Solutions. As she started her career as a developer, fully available to consult with API integrations and fulfill the needs of each company from different industries.

June 21 13:30-14:20 PM

What payment in local currencies means for cross-border shopping platforms

Nadia Kim

Service IoT Sector Head, Advantech KR

Nadia Kim is the sector head of Service IoT at Advantech, which has branches in 98 countries in the world. She is directing the Service IoT team that provides digital solutions related to smart retail, logistics, and for hospitals. Based on more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience in IT with global projects at Advantech KR, she is introducing retail-advanced countries' successful cases of digital store operation and intelligent devices, such as people count, heat map, cold chain and POS loss prevention solutions, to Korea.

June 19 14:30-15:20 PM

Digital transformation of global retail stores and reformation of store operation by Visual Technology

JungTaek Lim

Senior Consultant, SK C&C

JungTaek Lim is a senior consultant, managing software development and IT consulting businesses at SK C&C. He has been directing AI consulting business for various industries and companies from 2015, when AI technology began to be actively adopted in various industries in Korea. His current role includes analyzing clients' business process, examining and structuring the application of AI, and then designing the solution architecture. He loves sharing ideas with others about how to use AI technology to benefit everyone, and helps whoever in needs of the technology to utilize AI more easily through various sessions and seminars.

June 19 15:30-16:20 PM

AI in Retail : Beyond discussion towards application

SangYeol Jun

Manager of PR & Strategy Team, Qoo10

SangYeol Jun joined Qoo10's management support office in 2015, and carried out practical business support for regional offices including Korea and Singapore. He is now in charge of PR for Qoo10 and its subsidiary company Qxpress. He is also carrying out various projects for Korean sellers' successful expansion into the SEA market.

June 21 11:00-11:50 AM

How Qoo10 keeps leading the eCommerce market in Singapore

JeongEun Kim

Global Business Director, 0.8L

After working in LG Electronics and other oversea companies directing product planning and branding, JeongEun Kim joined Global Business team at 0.8L in 2016. She is now conducting the project with 0.8L about SNS marketing of Korean and oversea brands, producing insights about branding based on consumers' direct experience.

June 20 11:00-11:50 AM

How to collect branding insights from the voice of consumers